Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family

Unscripted: “The Queen’s Gambit”

3:45 PM “Pssst…pssst….. Echima! Echima!” “Don’t snob me with a colonial artifact girl” “Echima!!” “Pesa kidogo Na ushaanza kushikilia jua” “Echima!!!” “Hata Joshua alichoka!” Even though she was the only one graced with a time piece in a class of a hundred and twenty, her classmates had learnt to read the sun with the accuracy … Continue reading Unscripted: “The Queen’s Gambit”

Unscripted: Baby Steps

18th August 2000,“It’s a boy!” Chubby, cherub, healthy bundle of elastin. A bouncy baby boy. I still got questions by the way! But this is not the forum. This is a story about me after nine months of tossing and turning and kicking. Nine months of flipping my mother’s gut inside out every morning and … Continue reading Unscripted: Baby Steps

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