Tales We Tell: Med School Edition

"How many of you want to be Neurosurgeons?" The euphoria was bellowing and hands ferociously shot up like three years olds being offered candy. Being the "top notch" students, dreams were sprouting like mushrooms. Honestly, in that Millennium Hall, where we were currently packed liked sardines, our aspirations had never felt so free. We could … Continue reading Tales We Tell: Med School Edition

Tales We Tell: Highschool Edition

Highschool.Most of us probably have a memory etched in our minds everytime someone mentions highschool. For some of us it's a whole cascade of them, others perhaps one or two moments that you never even want to recap. And for the one and only's, like yours truly, it's been both. I had my hills and … Continue reading Tales We Tell: Highschool Edition

Tales We Tell: African Edition

Mornings.How best could I describe an African sunrise? Oh yah! "Naaaahhh… Siveenyaaaa…. Babathiii Baba…" or whatever way you mistook it. This would last until mom rudely interrupts it with her morning speech that's basically a concoction of threats. A morning cocktail! And you just have to admire the level of creativity in it. "Eeeehh!! Utatoka … Continue reading Tales We Tell: African Edition