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Reminiscence I

For about an hour now I have been staring at this little boy. He is cladded in a deep blue dungaree with a cherry red shirt. One of the straps seems to have come off but that catches less attention when you notice he has only one sandal on. The other, in the wide pocket … Continue reading Reminiscence I

Train Tales I

The Standard Gauge Railway. Dubbed as the most expensive project since independence I had a lot of expectations for this experience. Probably you might’ve have already guessed how this went. Same ending like any grand mega super-duper multi billion project we’ve had in Kenya. Blatant smoke blowing that’s as intentional as my puns. Now I … Continue reading Train Tales I

Heart’s Accent: First Love

I need to man upMan up and stand up for these feelingsFeelings and confessions that I’m actually fallingTrippin’ but I like it And I really do hope I portray sense in all this confusionSanity in all this madnessCalmness in all these storms you stir everytime you’re an arms-length and I feel like calling out“Hey! It’s … Continue reading Heart’s Accent: First Love

Unscripted: Baby Steps

18th August 2000,“It’s a boy!” Chubby, cherub, healthy bundle of elastin. A bouncy baby boy. I still got questions by the way! But this is not the forum. This is a story about me after nine months of tossing and turning and kicking. Nine months of flipping my mother’s gut inside out every morning and … Continue reading Unscripted: Baby Steps

Nibbles: Pseudo Edition

Jay Z. Not the artist but rather my former principle’s pseudo name. It’s a name that stuck with him for so long that the only instances we remember that he goes by the name Gideon Mwangi Kariuki, was in the school’s official newsletters. Stout and heavily built, he wasn’t even close of a resemblance to … Continue reading Nibbles: Pseudo Edition

Unscripted: 1620 Cab Edition

Cab drivers. Probably the best huh? Maybe not but be it Uber, Little Cab or the athletic one you know which, we’ve all had our fun with them. Whether it’s outrunning our parents in a 4X4 V8 engine with a hardly capable Vitz or getting stuck in a traffic after they told you that route … Continue reading Unscripted: 1620 Cab Edition

Tales We Tell: Med School Edition

“How many of you want to be Neurosurgeons?” The euphoria was bellowing and hands ferociously shot up like three years olds being offered candy. Being the “top notch” students, dreams were sprouting like mushrooms. Honestly, in that Millennium Hall, where we were currently packed liked sardines, our aspirations had never felt so free. We could … Continue reading Tales We Tell: Med School Edition

Tales We Tell: African Edition

Mornings.How best could I describe an African sunrise? Oh yah! “Naaaahhh… Siveenyaaaa…. Babathiii Baba…” or whatever way you mistook it. This would last until mom rudely interrupts it with her morning speech that’s basically a concoction of threats. A morning cocktail! And you just have to admire the level of creativity in it. “Eeeehh!! Utatoka … Continue reading Tales We Tell: African Edition

From My Heart To My Crush III

From My Heart To My Crush, Glorious.That’s perhaps the only word to describe the past few weeks. Ofcourse, I haven’t made a confession yet. An embarrassment at a time! But it’s been beautiful. You’re no longer just my second sunrise but my dusk to dawn. And the days have never been brighter. I regained my … Continue reading From My Heart To My Crush III

From My Heart To My Crush II

From my heart to my crush, SOMEONE OUT THERE HATES ME!My thoughts abandoned me. I lost my alphabets and for a second I could just stare. “Ah! Hey… Hello…. Yes…. A while!? Sorry….. Hellooo!” – And it’s at that moment, that I knew, I had fucked up! – Dropped all my marbles at the very … Continue reading From My Heart To My Crush II

From My Heart To My Crush I

From my heart to my crush, The results came in today. Tested positive for kleptomania because God knows how much I’ve been stealing glances. I’ve seen you walk past me a couple of times in class. Always meticulous with your strides as if carefully calculated. Which are, by the way, because you take an average … Continue reading From My Heart To My Crush I

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