Heart’s Accent: First Love

I need to man up
Man up and stand up for these feelings
Feelings and confessions that I’m actually falling
Trippin’ but I like it

And I really do hope I portray sense in all this confusion
Sanity in all this madness
Calmness in all these storms you stir everytime you’re an arms-length and I feel like calling out
“Hey! It’s just us against the world now”

But in actual sense
It’s just me in my world
Somewhere at the back of my mind where unicorns, leprechauns, pots of gold spitting rainbows and hope for a sane Kenya lives
But then wait…..
I lost that mind too

Totally lost it the first time I looked at you and smiled and thought
“Is this what love at first sight feels like?”

Sugar with no spice but everything nice
I was falling, not slowly but all at once
Not twice or thrice either but who could really tell since I stopped counting at five

And my parents told me to go slow
As I savoured and devoured every part of you
But I was deaf
My mind was already frozen in painful ecstasy
They called it a brain freeze
And my first love who gave it to me
Ice cream

Fifteen years now and you call it addiction
I’m seeing this guy they call him a dentist
To fill these voids you left in me he calls cavities.
I think we’re done now
I’m calling it quits
But maybe one more for the road

Just one more….

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