Nibbles: Pseudo Edition

Jay Z. Not the artist but rather my former principle’s pseudo name. It’s a name that stuck with him for so long that the only instances we remember that he goes by the name Gideon Mwangi Kariuki, was in the school’s official newsletters. Stout and heavily built, he wasn’t even close of a resemblance to a long lost brother. So how did a guy who could not mention one Jay Z song to save his own life come to be called exactly that?

The date is 1st of March 2008 during our yearly Founder’s Day celebrations. By then “Jay Z” is about only months old and it’s his first major event. Hailing from a strong Kikuyu dialect his English definitely isn’t British and certainly not American. All r’s were l’s and vice versa and hence you would imagine the excitement whenever he said “learry?” or “rolly”.

All was as good as it could get until he decided to make a Bible reference during his speech. “Jay Z was a servant leader washing his disciple’s feet.” Certainly not the best in my bible study group but there’s no way Jay Z appears in there. Especially washing feet. He sensed the confusion and sort to explain himself, “Jay Z…. Jesus Christ… Jay Z!” What he certainly meant was J.C but we had heard what we wanted to hear and Jay Z he became since then.

So I heard.

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