From My Heart To My Crush III

From My Heart To My Crush,

That’s perhaps the only word to describe the past few weeks. Ofcourse, I haven’t made a confession yet. An embarrassment at a time! But it’s been beautiful. You’re no longer just my second sunrise but my dusk to dawn. And the days have never been brighter. I regained my speech by the way, thought you should know, but my little heart is still doing that thing with my blood pressure. My lungs are slowly adapting but you still leave me breathless every once in a while. It’s an advancement but with you around it’s a retrograde process.

What’s a name so South doing in a place so East? So graceful and easy to the tongue, so immensely rich. I love it. You’re an embodiment of what could become when everything’s perfect with the world. When the universe finally aligns and the astrological signs ultimately right. Very own Karma’s stamp of approval!

But then I was just clowning. Making a complete fool of myself but that’s included in the job description, isn’t it? I no longer saw you in school. The sun no longer rose and the days slowly became grim. You just vanished! Disappeared the same way you appeared to me. Like some sort of illusion or better yet a messed up delusion. Your social media accounts just as desolate but I can’t really say you had a presence there. Your number was no longer at service. Took me straight to voicemail every single time but I never stopped trying even when the message was always the same.

“The mobile subscriber cannot be reached, plea….”

The same thing over and over again expecting a different result. I was the ultimate definition of a mad man who was genius enough to Shakespeare his own heartbreak. Maybe in an alternate world we do have a happy ending. A happily ever after to make any Disney princess covetous. Granditer Ultimo Ad. Or maybe, just maybe, our story isn’t finished yet.

On hold, but just not finished.

Yours Truly,
The Social Antidote.



Photo credit by Kate Macate 

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