From My Heart To My Crush I

From my heart to my crush,

The results came in today. Tested positive for kleptomania because God knows how much I’ve been stealing glances. I’ve seen you walk past me a couple of times in class. Always meticulous with your strides as if carefully calculated. Which are, by the way, because you take an average of a minute and a half to get to your place. Two rows infront of me at the very end of it. It’s a second sunrise but the first beautiful thing in the morning. You don’t seem to notice me much but that’s my own little victory. You see, I’m planning to enjoy my forty days because….. Oh my God there you are.

You know of your worth. You don’t flinch yet I’m sure by now you’ve realized how the decibels in the hall falls with your arrival. You thrive with the attention but you don’t crave it, that’s the thing. Beautifully humble but dangerously proud of the effect you have on people. The perfect contradiction. You mumble something short that I guess is a prayer everytime you get to your seat. I don’t know much about your small devotion but just incase it’s the Lord’s prayer, I’m your tea!!!!

Art isn’t rushed and totally unrelated, clowns wear make-up. I’ve already planned it out in my head.  We are in the same Anatomy group. Someone out there likes me. I’d wait outside until you arrive and for all the marbles say hi. The walk from the entrance to the laboratory is about a minute. At your pace, probably 30 seconds more. That’s barely enough time to say hi, start a short conversation, finish it with a joke approaching the entrance and hope you atleast smile while we break to our dissection tables. And the best part is, THAT’S BARELY ENOUGH TIME!! And that’s exactly the point since throw in Einstein, his relativity and enough time to the equation and I’d be panicking by the second minute. Simple and effective. Now where’s my make-up….

It’s a Friday so I have a whole weekend to plan how I’m going to say my name. Decided to go with my African names so that you know I’m all about local content. Pan-Africanist. I stride home after the lesson having completely achieved nothing. Local man is pleased. Outpouring with valour while making small parody recitations of Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have A Dream”.

“Hello, I’ve been wanting to say hi. Kelvin right?” And I go blank…..

Photo credits by Flavio Amiel 

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