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I did not plan for this. I grew up in an environment where blogging always had a political motive. Simply put, bloggers were second hand politicians and that was that. Until one day I write this massive paragraph of something that happened in school and this one person was so impressed and suggests that I check out blogging. So came the next part, “What would I name her?”

To cut the long story short since this serves as only an introduction, if laughter was supposed to be the best medicine, then she would be called the Social Antidote.



You didn’t think it stopped there did you?? Of course not. There’s still more to this story.

Along the way I met the guys at Manenoz. Awesome creatives with way cooler names by the way, like Wondergirl who I’d always imagine with a yellow masquerade, the alliterative Stories with Sarush, Wahitalk who clearly intended her pun from the beginning, Virgo (not the virgin) Alpha, Chiko who rhymes with Biko and a lot more awesome people I couldn’t tag here. They gladly took me in as one of their writers which I’m truly appreciative.

Bottom line, literally, great group of writers and you should definitely have a word or two with them. Pun definitely intended.

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